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Commercial paving expertise in Friday Harbor, WA

Richard Lawson Construction in Friday Harbor, WA offers residential and commercial paving services in addition to our general contracting work. It doesn't matter if your home or business needs a driveway or new sidewalks, we can help.

With more and more homes looking the same, your asphalt paving can set you apart from the crowd, which is a big plus when it comes time to sell. It is hard to match the character and style of well-laid asphalt paving, and we pride ourselves on doing a job you will be proud to show off.

Asphalt paving

Our asphalt paving in Friday Harbor will never crack or fade and it is much more resistant to staining than other paving products. Asphalt paving also allows a slick, wide, leading-edge driveway to reach your home from the street. Doing this kind of work by yourself can take a long time, but Richard Lawson Construction will send a team out to complete the project in no time.

We have both commercial paving experts and residential specialists on staff.

Additional services

Our team offers a vast range of general contracting solutions to suit everything from a driveway to land clearing. Some of the services we offer include new driveways, roads, garage floors and other home related asphalt and concrete constructions. We can also handle formation of new foundations and making sure they are stable for the years to come. Porch and patio construction is another service we offer businesses and homeowners.

Our staff in Friday Harbor will advise you on the products and services that suit your needs and budget, and we are confident you will fall in love with the end result.

Consultation services

Whether you have a commercial paving project in mind or simply want to fix the sidewalk outside your home, we can help. Richard Lawson Construction offers a specialized design service and free consultation. This is ideal for bigger projects, but can be helpful for smaller ones as well.

During your initial consult, we will ask you questions about your project and learn more about what type of paving solution you are looking for at your home or business. If need be we can also provide assistance with overall layout and material selection.
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